Rating for Real Estate
Developers and Projects

Major Concerns of the Developers with regard to the Projects

  • application to the local bodies for grant of license
  • Obtaining permission and sanctions of authorities to undertake development. It may take from one to three years to complete the process
  • Timely payments by investors/purchasers of plots/dwelling units
  • Timely completion of the project
  • Making an offer to the public for investment in their project ( the minimum points a developer needs to publish in the form of a prospectus.)
  • Lack of availability of financing. Access to short term loans for acquisition and on development of on-site infrastructure is limited by the commercial banking institutions
  • Payments of external development charges for off-site infrastructure such as water, sewerage, surface drainage, roads, landscaping and community facilities
  • Progress of external development at Licensees' cost. Provision of 'off-site' infrastructure such as: development of roads, provision of power, water, sewerage and storm water drainage, garbage collection and disposal, street lighting, maintenance of parks and gardens, sewerage pump houses, maintenance of water supply system
  • Payment of servicing/administrative cost to the authorities
  • Construction of social infrastructure
  • Maintenance of a colony for a period of 5 years or more
  • Development of "off-site" infrastructure by the local bodies:a pre-requisite for development of colony
  • Provision of plots/dwelling units for LIG and EWS categories
  • The lack of available off-site trunk infrastructure. Development of transportation links.