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Sustainable Real Estate: Meeting current requirements without compromising future
Zee Business  |  June 13, 2019

Asit Manohar ZeeBiz WebDesk, New Delhi

Sustainable real estate is about creating a space that emphasizes on more efficient use of energy, space arrangement to meet the maximum need of humankind.


Sustainable real estate is not just about constructing square feet of space which is green and eco-friendly. It’s about creating a space that emphasizes on more efficient use of energy, space arrangement to meet the maximum need of humankind, providing pleasant as well as healthy living & working spaces and meanwhile creating a positive impact on the environment. One can only achieve these if it is enforced right from the concept and planning process. It goes on through the under-construction process where one needs to ensure the least damage to the environment and safeguard usage of locally sourced material as far as possible. Thereby resulting in the product which ensures the human habitat remains sustainable as far as possible.


Speaking on the better growth perspective Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, President, NAREDCO said, "The primary consent of real estate development is the rise in a shift of ever-growing population in scout of a better growth perspective from one location to another, which is always higher in ratio. The industry needs to look at the development which minimizes the friction between nature and the urban environment by incorporating and creating integrated spaces that has an ability to meet the maximum need of humankind. Each of these spaces has to emerge as a self-district that exclusively shapes up to connect, sustain and integrates neighborhood of residential as well as commercial buildings, streets, parks, and public spaces. Then only these projects or spaces will make the ‘walk to work’ concept a reality."


Another aspect of ensuring sustainability in real estate is about being eco-friendly as much as one can that is coupled with the intelligent usage of natural resources. The lush green environment at these projects does not depend upon the piped water supply from the local self-body (Municipal Corporation) instead ensure water recycling for it.


"The intelligent usage of water including rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment and well-managed water distribution system helps the projects to access the water what would have normally been waste or are allowed to just flow away. The catch is creating a project where real estate construction is set amidst green spaces, as opposed to creating constructed spaces and laying out green spots in between. Being eco-friendly and green is an integral part of this, and this includes community living that is defined by being environment-friendly," said Dr Niranjan Hiranandani of NAREDCO.


When we look at the creation of an integrated township &ndash or, mixed-use township, as we refer to the same in the present day &ndash it has been about making sustainable buildings, with a holistic approach. It is not just about the building we ensure that the quality of life of people who live in them gets enhanced. Being ‘Green’ and environment-friendly is part of this vision, and saving water, conserving it — as also recycling and reusing it — is part of the ‘Magic Mantra’ that delivers sustainable real estate.