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How can new-age real estate companies bail out stalled Indian real estate projects?

The Times of India 

Shashank Gupta


India’s real estate market significantly contributes to the lion’s share of the nation’s economic progression. In the residential real estate sector, companies majorly get customers from all segments as housing is a need rather than a discretion. Additionally, it’s also considered one of the safest and easiest ways of investing in a developing economy like India. Average Indian property seekers generally overspend while buying a house as it embraces several emotional aspects over financial matters. These homebuyers invest their lifelong savings in affording their dream homes. Leading real estate firms often entice them with myriad offers to finalise their purchasing decisions, which currently is considered a Ponzi scheme by the government regulatory bodies. However, despite their long-term investment, homebuyers become the victims of severely delayed and stalled housing projects across several Indian cities like NCR, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, etc.


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