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The green building sector is experiencing a surge of new prospects. (CDRI) - Taiwan Case Study

In order to help Taiwanese businesses expand their markets in India, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) has entrusted the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) to implement WOW! Taiwan Project since 2017. As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) have become a global trend in recent years; CDRI researchers found that the Indian market has also been affected by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and is gradually transforming towards low-carbonization and sustainability. Whether it's the rising demand for energy, water, air-related solutions, or sustainable building materials, a new wave of opportunities is created for the green building industry.


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WOW! Taiwan Project gathers top-quality Taiwanese green building suppliers and organizes online business networking meetings for Taiwanese and Indian distributors without being affected by the pandemic. Amongst them, small and medium-sized vertical-axis wind turbine maker, Hi-VAWT Technology, has been acclaimed due to India's renewable energy transformation. Artilect Green, which develops energy-saving solutions to preserve light by utilizing light current, has also piqued the interest of buyers. Furthermore, Ta Tung Aluminium, Taroko Door & Window Technologies, and First Metal Products Industrial attract buyers with their unique door and window production technology. Pojiali Health Technology's water-purifying membranes, Sheng Yuan Electric's air-purifying ventilations, Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry, and PT Bao Ying Trade's HVLS Fan (High Volume Low-Speed Fan) products that provide air and water solutions are also popular in the market.


As the Indian market is full of potential, WOW! Taiwan Project has been helping Indian buyers thoroughly understand each Taiwanese product's distinguishing features by holding online-business networking meetings since August 2022. The business networking meetings have attracted many key Indian buyers and resulted in partnerships, causing a great response.



WOW! Taiwan Project will continue implementing one-on-one online-business networking services. Businesses that are interested in Taiwanese products and solutions may register on the project's website, and the CDRI will set them up with one-on-one meetings with Taiwanese suppliers. Indian buyers are invited to browse and register online if they want to look for new business opportunities and have one-on-one business networking with Taiwanese suppliers they are interested in.