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Technology and Affordable Housing To Bring Real Estate Up To Speed written by Saurabh Garg Cofounder & CBO,, published in June 30, 2020
Real Estate: A Parallel Analysis Between Pre-Lockdown And Post-Lockdown Scenarios written by Raman Gupta, Director- Branding & Construction Gbp Group, published in June 29, 2020
How Gated Complexes Offer a Peek Into Atmanirbhar Future written by Praveen Priyadarshi, published in June 26, 2020
How Technology will disrupt Real Estate economics? written by Samujjwal Ghosh, published in June 25, 2020
What are penthouses and how popular are they in India? written by SUNITA MISHRA, published in June 24, 2020
Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing written by SURBHI GUPTA, published in June 23, 2020
All about duplex houses written by SNEHA SHARON MAMMEN, published in June 22, 2020
5 financial moves that will help first-time home buyers to tide over any crisis written by AMIT SETHI, published in June 19, 2020
Use of Technology in Real Estate to Become Imperative post-Covid written by Rajesh Goel, Director General, NAREDCO, published in June 18, 2020
Tips for making the down payment for a house written by, published in SUNITA MISHRA. June 17, 2020