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Home Safe Home written by Archana Jyoti, published in The Pioneer. July 21, 2020
‘As an asset class, real estate will get stronger post-COVID-19’ written by AMANDEEP SINGH, published in July 20, 2020
Broker’s corner: How to avoid social media backlash? written by SUNITA MISHRA, published in July 17, 2020
The ‘back to office’ rush — is it wise? written by KAMAL KARANTH, published in The Hindu Business Line. July 16, 2020
Is real estate in India still a profitable investment? written by Pankaj Kr Jain, published in Financial Express. July 15, 2020
India: Keeping Real Estate On Ground: Are Government Measures Sufficient? written by KS Legal & Associates, published in July 15, 2020
Key differences between a property broker and a brokerage firm written by SUNITA MISHRA, published in July 14, 2020
The third anniversary of RERA: Streamlining to energize the sluggish real estate sector written by SOUMYADIP CHATTOPADHYAY & ARJUN KUMAR, published in July 13, 2020
Legal tips for buying agricultural land in India written by RAVINDRA PAI, published in July 10, 2020
The US and India have Another Commonality During COVID-19: Evicting Tenants written by Tikender Singh Panwar Former Deputy Mayor of Shimla, published in July 9, 2020